Clinics We Offer

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All GP Practices are contracted to provide “essential services”, that is basic treatment of ill people.  We hold contracts with NHS Grampian for the following “enhanced services”:-

  • Regular monitoring, by blood and urine tests, for patients on a range of drugs for arthritis and bowel problems
  • Regular reviews for patients with diabetes, hypertension, mental health illness, COPD, stroke/TIA, coronary heart disease, epilepsy, cancer and hypothyroidism. 

We also provide the following “additional services”:

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Pregnancy Care

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, you need to make an appointment with the midwife who will refer you to the following clinics run by the community midwives with whom we will share your care.  Please make your appointment at reception.

Antenatal Booking Clinic

Wednesday and Thursday from 11.30 am onwards (initial visit at Laurencekirk Healthcare Centre)                           

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 – 11.30 am (follow-up visits)

Child Health Surveillance Clinic

One of the health visitors with a doctor run this clinic every Wednesday between 9.30 and 10.30 am.  Your health visitor will organize this appointment.

a person having their blood pressure taken

Asthma Clinic

This is run by our practice nurse, we will arrange reviews internally.  Should you have any concerns then please contact the Practice to book an appointment. 

Children’s Immunisation Clinic

This is run by the health visitor every Tuesday, Wednesday ad Thursday from         9.30 am  onwards.  Please make your appointment at reception.

Diabetic Clinic

The clinic is run by one of our GP's, our Pharmacist and Practice Nurse monthly.  Appointments will be sent out by the practice for you to attend this Clinic.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

This is run by the practice nurse for the annual review of all patients with coronary heart disease. Appointment will be sent out by the practice for you to attend this Clinic.

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Minor Surgery

We are equipped to perform minor surgical procedures and all our doctors have Health Board approval to do these.  Minor Surgery Clinics are held regulary and to be placed on our waiting list then please contact the Practice.  We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time thereafter. 

Advice on Contraception

All our doctors and practice nurses can provide advice on contraception and have additional qualifications in family planning.

Hypertension Clinic/Cardiac Clinic

Mrs Lesley Clark, Practice Pharmacist is running the Hypertension Clinic and Cardiac Clinic.  Please contact the medical centre to make an appointment for these clinics.