Patient Participation Group

The PPG is a small Committee made up of Patients and the Practice Team. Working in mutual collaboration with the Practice Team, acting as the 'patient's voice' and focusing on practical local issues which we can influence to promote the best interests of all the patients of this surgery.

Below, you will find information about who we are, our aims, how often we meet, and some of the activities we are currently involved in. Also any planned forthcoming events, links, and an email link for you to share your and views and suggestions.

As a patient in this practice you are a member of the group and your views are important both to the PPG and Medical Centre Staff.

So please… get in touch with your suggestions, comments and views.If you have any suggestions, compliments or a complaint please contact the Practice Manager Fiona Jamieson.

Current PPG Members

Alistair Low (Chairperson)                 

Edith Manclark (Secretary)

Sylvia Cartwright

Fiona Jamieson (Practice Manager - Lead Link for the Practice)


We hold meetings quarterly and these can be within or outwith the Practice operating hours.  We hold "open evenings" also for patients to come along and have their say and find out more about the Committee.

Our Meetings provide opportunities for information updates, reviews and feedback on issues and events which may impact on the service offered at the Health Centre. We share views, suggestions and discussions in relation to patient and practice matters.

All PPG members have a small but active role and provide updates on their activities at the Committee Meetings.



As well as our Meetings we attend and contribute to Local Community Health Partnership Forum.  We have also produced this weblink, help to produce the Practice Newsletter as well as offer suggestions for further development of the New Medical Centre website.

Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.

Aims & Action Plan


  1. To help to promote the interests of patients through mutual collaboration with the practive team.
  2. To encourage feedback from patients with regard the services which the practice provides.  Helping the practice to be more aware of their patients' views, concerns and wishes, enabling appropriate follow-up actions to be taken where required.
  3. Help to improve the communication, information sharing and awareness of support services between the practice and their patients.
  4. Organise, in collaboration with the Practice Team Information/Health Promotion events for patients.
  5. Contribute, where possible, to relevant groups involved in decision making which affects the provision of local services to patients and to promote patient participation.

These aims are linked to the action plan below (using the number) and each member of the PPG has a contribution to the plan below.

Action Plan

The Action Plan is linked to numbered PPG Aims, identified in blue below


Linked to AIM No


Who Time



Promote PPG awareness as the patients voice, use of suggestions and complaints book and through the Newsletter

All PPG and Practice Staff ongoing

Review and follow up any actions identified.

Patients given feedback.


Listen to patients' comments

All PPG and Practice Staff


Feedback at PPG Meeting

Information re

Communication Resources and Support and PPG Groups

Linked to Aim 3

Organise, list and update leaflets, linked to surgery Health Promotion displays and Coffee Mornings 

All PPG and Practice Staff October

HP displays will have current patient leaflets.

Updated leaflet list available for patients on request from reception.

Small number of events to meet with parients. 


Support the development of the practice website

Fiona Jamieson ongoing

Website which will provide information and related links for patients


Information/ Health Promotion Events

Linked to Aim 4

Help to plan and promote patient infomration / health promotion events to meet the needs of various groups e.g. Men's Health

PPG and Practice Staff ongoing   

Patients / Carers invited to attend events at practice which may provide information / assist with adaptation / and offer support.

Contribute to decision making Representation on Groups

Linked to Aim 5

Attend Relevant Meetings e.g Health and Social Integration.  Read circulated draft documents and comment

PPG and Practice Staff ongoing   

Current Issues, changes and trends and views are shared and feedback given to others.